album release show on July 20. tickets are FREE and available at doors and drinks at 3pm, show at 5pm, hanging out after until 8p

debut album, counsel of serpents, out May 31! go to to order vinyl or download or listen wherever you stream.


music from the banks of the Haw

Pittsboro, NC

Radio Haw is the music project of Matt Gray, creating "bedroom" folk that would fit in the record crate alongside Elliott Smith or Hiss Golden Messenger's early 4-track-recorded Bad Debt. The songs are elevated from the bedroom toward the cosmic on the back of their searching lyrical content, crunchy guitars, and ethereal organs. Set all of this in Radio Haw's backyard of tree-shrouded, poison ivy-lined, Haw River paths in the North Carolina Piedmont and the sound rounds out into its own flavor of southern gothic folk rock.

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