we fly by night, but for the light of sun through closed eyelids” - radio haw

radio haw

music from the banks of the haw :: Pittsboro, NC

Radio Haw is the music project of Matt Gray. Influences range from Townes Van Zandt, Leonard Cohen, Robert Hunter-penned Grateful Dead, to Triangle-area neighbors Hiss Golden Messenger. 

Radio Haw creates "bedroom" folk that would fit in the record crate alongside Elliott Smith or Hiss Golden Messenger's early 4-track-recorded Bad Debt. The songs are elevated from the bedroom toward the cosmic on the back of their searching lyrical content, crunchy guitars, and ethereal organs. Set all of this in Radio Haw's backyard of tree-shrouded, poison ivy-lined, Haw River paths in the North Carolina Piedmont and the sound rounds out into its own flavor of southern gothic folk rock.

With a vibe that would suit the jukebox of some supernatural roadhouse just out of town, many of the songs off the upcoming album, counsel of serpents, started as home demo recordings alongside the unrest of the early 2020s. With lyrical motifs ranging from the exploitation of spirituality to too-long acid trips, counsel of serpents speaks to the perils and triumphs of being human in our current world.


  • Full article by WCHL 97.9 FM The Hill: https://chapelboro.com/town-square/live-local/counsel-of-serpents-live-and-local-with-radio-haw
  • Radio Haw is the project of Pittsboro’s Matt Gray – who’s only been in music for a few years, though you wouldn’t know it from the quality and complexity of his songs.” - WCHL
  • Capturing a timeless songwriting sound filtered through his own thoroughly original musical lens, the ever-present fuzzy background offers a truly unique listening experience that attests to the depth of Radio Haw’s creativity and his knack for presenting accessible songwriting in a completely new way.” - Plastic Magazine
  • “I love the experimental arrangements" "The hectic guitar melodies add some interesting textures" - Glide Magazine
  • “Forlorn vocals and twangy guitars mesmerize with an atmospheric, desert-set intrigue” - Obscure Sound
  • “We like this kind of raw energy the vocal performance offers” - The Wild Is Calling
  • “Creative melodic mix until conclusion. Appealing vocals.” “Interesting lyrics and poly-melodic approach. Enjoyable vocal-passion.” - Indie Obsessive 
  • “Really cool guitar work on this track! Reminds me a little of M. Ward!” - Fresh Ground Indie (on Ghouls in Decline)
  • “Getting Wilco vibes on this one! Really fun songwriting!” - Fresh Ground Indie (on Someone Dosed the Fiddler)
  • “Arrangement has a modern and contemporary feel” - Americana Highways
  • “Dig the title! Can appreciate the kind of moody out there vibe.” - Music Mecca

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Singles off the "counsel of serpents" LP, due out May 31, 2024